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Summer'68 lyrics


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        Would you like to say something before you leave
    Perhaps you'd care to state exactly how you feel
    We said good-bye before we said hello
    I hardly even like you, I shouldn't care at all
    We met just six hours ago,
    the music was too loud
    From your bed I gained a day and lost a bloody year
    And I would like to know
    How do you feel, how do you feel, how do you feel?
    Not a single word was said,h delights still without fears
    Occasionally you showed a smile
    but what was the need
    I felt the cold far too soon - the wind of '95
    My friends are lying in the sun,
    I wish that I was there
    Tomorrow brings another town
    and another girl like you
    Have you time before you leave to greet another man
    Just you let me know
    How do you feel, how do you feel, how do you feel?

    Good-bye to you
    Charlotte Kringles too
    I've had enough for one day
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